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We are a design and fabrication firm, implementing pipe and tubing systems since 1880.

From start to finish, Bentech can provide the whole solution. We can furnish your requirements in any quantity according to your drawings, samples or other specifications.  


Bentech Series of Polyurethane Safety Tubing is designed to protect passengers against injury


Bentech has designed three different series of fittings. These series include; PV,RJ and TL. 


Bentech has developed innovative and cost effective designs for the manufacture of Modesty Panels and Windscreens.



Bentech has available a series of aluminum extrusions used in the fabrication of windscreens and modesty panels.

Marine Division


Transportation Handrails and Stanchions


Luggage Racks

Bentech designed modular Luggage System’s shelves are manufactured from polished and anodized aluminum

Parcel Racks

Bentech's Parcel Rack design features light weight, passenger impact protection, ease of installation and design flexibility


Bentech brings over 100 years of experience in bending tubing for the design and manufacture of handrails for many industries.

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