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Business hours are from

8AM to 5PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

Inquiries are welcome by telephone, facsimile, mail or email. We would be happy to discuss your requirements in detail and furnish additional information and pricing. 


Bentech is part of the Philadelphia Pipe Bending Company (PPBCo) group of companies. In addition to Bentech, PPBCo. owns Dekay Fabricators of Youngstown, OH. All three companies specialize in pipe and tube fabrication; Dekay Fabricators bends 6" to 12" pipe and manufactures fittings for Bentech. PPBCo. is an ASME code certified fabricator of pipe products for the food, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, and nuclear industries.


Since 1880 we have been a pioneer in the welding, coiling and bending of pipe and tubing. Throughout our history our policy has been to maintain rigorous quality control over the design and fabrication of our pipe and tube products. With an extensive list of tooling on hand and our 120 years of experience we can fabricate the most complex of multi-plane bends.



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