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Bentech has developed innovative and cost effective designs for the manufacture of Modesty Panels and Windscreens.

Through the use of specialized extrusions and bending processes a variety of materials can be included in these products including Plexiglas, perforated metal, Textured metal, micarta, composite materials and many others.

The Modesty Panels and Windscreens can be attached to Stanchion Systems using our PV-Series, RJ-Series, or TL-series of tube and rail fittings.

This Windscreen is assembled using Bentech TH-25 and TH-15 Aluminum Extrusions. The TH-25 can be Bent to Form Different Customer Specified Windscreen Designs. The RJ-75 Elbow Fitting is used to connect the RJ-15 Wall Extrusion with the TH-25 Bent Extrusions.

Widescreen Assembly

Windscreens can be assembled using Clear Safety Glass, Wood Grain Panel, Perforated Sheet Metal, Textured Sheet Metal, and many other options. Both Polished + Anodized and Powder Coated Finishes are offered for the TH-Series Extrusions and RJ-Series or PV-Series Tube Fittings.

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